Empowering Leaders to Lead

Elevate your practice with the C-Suite Therapist

The path to the C-Suite is easier than you think

You've mastered the art of helping others, but building and running a successful business isn't something that they teach in therapy school. As a dedicated therapist, you know the incredible impact your work has on individual lives. Now imagine amplifying that impact by scaling to a group practice. My consulting empowers you to confidently step into the role of an executive, guiding your business to new heights while continuing to provide exceptional care to those in need.

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We understand the unique challenges you face in the industry. It's time to shift gears from one-on-one client work to becoming the visionary leader your growing business needs.

Are you ready to

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Simplify and perfect your service offerings to attract the right clients and team members.

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Learn to delegate effectively, so you can focus on growth and strategic planning.

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Develop a smooth hiring process to find the ideal candidates who align with your practice’s values and needs.

Introduce robust systems and technology to ensure your practice can grow without sacrificing client care or your own wellbeing.

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stablish clear protocols so your team can operate efficiently and you maintain the quality you're known for.

Ready to Transform Your Private Practice into a Group Success?

If you've been successfully managing your mental health private practice and are feeling the pull towards expansion, it's time to consider pivoting to a profitable group practice. This can be the breakthrough you need to amplify your impact and extend your reach. Book your free discovery call to determine which option will help you pivot to a profitable group practice.

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Strategy Session

Work with Briana to take a deep dive Into a Identified pain point In your practice.

  • Gain clarity about the best way to move your business forward.
  • Develop a strategic approach with an expert who has been in your shoes and transformed her own life and business.
  • Walk away with a customized and actionable plan to implement and elevate your business!

Investment: $215

3 month Partnership

For therapists who are ready for significant transformation, engage in a partnership that includes:

  • Initial assessment of your current business structure
  • Two consulting meetings per month for in-depth strategy and support
  • Access to templates and resources tailored to the unique needs of your practice
  • Personalized feedback and audits to ensure you’re on track

Investment: $600/month

Book a Discovery Call

Still have questions? Book a free discovery call!

Your journey towards expanding your practice doesn’t have to be one you take alone. Join me, let's cultivate a holistic approach to scaling your business—one that nurtures both your clients' well-being and your practice's robust future.

Take the leap with a partner who speaks the language of mental health care and the dialect of savvy business growth.

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Charlesa S.

Dr. Briana provided me with practical steps that helped me to get credentialed for Insurance panels and hire my support staff to launch my virtual therapy practice without any stress

Jenna S.

There are not enough words to describe how invaluable consultations with Dr. Briana were when first starting my private practice. As much research as I did ahead of time, there were tons of questions that arose that I couldn’t find answers to. After just one consultation, I felt more confident and assured that not only could I do this, but I could do it with confidence and excellence having gained the knowledge and wisdom Dr. Briana so generously shared. To anyone starting private practice, consulting with Dr. Briana is a MUST! The best investment in your practice you could make!

Yantise J.

I want to publicly thank you for your role in helping me accomplish one of my goals. You are literally reaching back to help others climb - and you do it with a cheerful and humble spirit. My task is to pay to forward.